Tami LaTrell

what's the best way for a young producer to make placements on major albums ie: rick ross, etc (major placements not just local)

Tami LaTrell responded on 05/31/2011

Well from my experience in the music business, you have to network and get with executives/managers that are connected with these artists and these projects. This can be a difficult task if you don't have those types of relationships already but with the help the internet websites and social networking sites, you will be surprised how much information you will find online! It also takes you going where these execs/managers are. For instance if you live in a country town, it may be hard to get your music heard and exposed compared to if you stayed in a thriving city such as miami, la, atlanta or new york. You have to make sacrifices to get your music heard. Lastly, utilize the social networks like soundcloud, myspace music, and producer forums where they allow you to submit to projects. Dig and research for this online and I guarantee you will get closer to what you are looking for! don't forget to send me a link to where I can check you out! All the best:)

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