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Thank you very much for your videos. They're very helpful.
I was previously a manager for several artists outside the US and never had to deal with copyrights, split sheets, etc., but now that I moved to the US and just started managing an artist here, I'm trying to understand a couple of items I'm confused about.
1. There is a producer who created a beat for a song that one of his friends wrote. This producer says the song is his because his friend wrote it for him, so, if I want the song (including the beat) for my artist can I just sign a split sheet with the producer and list him as the writer or do I need to get the writer involved? Is it my responsibility? If the writer were to come after us in the future wouldn't it be the producer's responsibility because he's taking credit as the writer in the split sheet?
2. Me being the manager. How do I get my share of the income that will be coming through the different streams (i.e.ASCAP) if my company's name won't be in the split sheets?

Tami LaTrell responded on 08/20/2016

i only answer 1 question for free.

For question 1:
the producer should give you a license agreement (that includes a fee) first granting permission to use the song, if your artist didnt write anything, neither you or your writer is entitled to anything on the split sheet, only the original writer and producer unless negotiated otherwise.

For question 2:
I strongly suggest you book a 30 min consult to ask all you want here: http://tamilatrell.com/us/contact/

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