Tami LaTrell

Hi Tami-you seem like an beautiful person inside and out--have a question haven't been able to find answer for-I cowrote song with artist--and a music publisher told us that since I paid for the studio session I own the master and copyright and if she wants to use the song in concerts, music videos etc-she has to pay me for the master but I still retain my writing & publishing rights--is this correct? If so what contract do we sign or do we create one establishing everything you spoke about in your tutorial plus the co-ownership of master and creative control of song?

Tami LaTrell responded on 04/08/2016

Hey Cam! only one question is free on this service and this is about 3 questions in one lol. so I will say this, whoever wrote and produced the song are the owners of master and copyright. If you would like to get more direction on what to do next, i would suggest booking a consult with me here and I would be more than happy with guiding you so that you are protected. http://tamilatrell.com/us/contact/

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