Tami LaTrell

Hi Tami it's StaffordTiger from twitter. I was trying to say that I actually want a career in music (I've always since about 6) What I was trying to say was I write a lot of music for both myself and I'd like to write for others. I'm trying to become a recording artist and a songwriter. I've written approx. 2,000 songs and I was wondering if I could send you a song I wrote for you to review and hopefully use for someone. It's not recorded but the lyrics are finalized and perfected.

Tami LaTrell responded on 03/21/2016

Stafford! Thanks for your question.

My song reviews are $25.00 per song, you can book one here: http://tamilatrell.com/us/contact/

Click the drop down under consultations and select song review. once you have made payment you will receive an email on where to email your song for me to review.

Happy Writing!


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