Tami LaTrell

Hello Tammy I am a music producer and my song was leaked onto the radio and I do not know how to proceed with copyrights and publishing do due to me using a sample. What should I do to ensure I receive my royalties and publishing monies since I used a sample? Help Please!

Tami LaTrell responded on 12/09/2015

You need to first get the details of song and label that put it out. You then need to file your percentage of ownership with the name of the song currently in rotation with ASCAP. Once you file it, call their member services and let them know so they can file a dispute. No one gets paid until the dispute is cleared. Also because this is a sampled track, you should consider that in the percentage of ownership that should go to them. The label may have to pay a few to use it if they haven't already. Any more questions book me at tamilatrell.com for a one on one. (Excuse typos)

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