Tami LaTrell

Hello Tami,
I have been writing lyrics for along time now. I understand song structure however im not sure if im writing the correct way or if the producer know how to make tracks for r and b song format. When producers send me beats its hard for me to listen and break down where the verse start where the chorus starts ect..So my question is there a formula you suppose to follow so lyrics are not to long or short or do I just write to the beat?

Tami LaTrell responded on 01/16/2016

hi Adriana!! Here's my blog on song structure. http://tamilatrell.com/us/basic-songwrit...

Also, you can always ask the producer to adjust the song structure or advise you on his ideas for where each part should go.

There are some standard structures, especially for songs on radio, but you know as creators sometimes there is no formula! thats the benefit of being creative is that you can do whatever you want.

But i hope the blog helps you. Please book me for a one on one phone consultation/webinar if you have any other questions. Happy to help!

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