Tami LaTrell

Hey Tami, I love your beauty, intelligence and passion. I just ran into your video today on youtube. I have music productions and and songs produced I want to pitch my music to companies, but i want to collect my song writing and my publishing as well. Would I have to start to different companies? Music production company and publising company, or can I create a company that does both things? so many questions and thoughts..also Im really intrigued to understand the accounting part of the publishing company if i were to be one, and interact with movie companies and music supervisors for films and tv networks. Also do you have one on one consulations? like on skype?

Tami LaTrell responded on 04/10/2015

Shawn, thanks for the compliments! As a producer you do need to have a publishing company of your own. Simply create a dba under your publishing company name. Also copyright your songs that you are shopping. Your music production company can function on its own as it only covers the creations of the song, while your publishing company acts as collector of the distributions and royalties from the song. You can book me for a one on one in depth consultation here: http://tamilatrell.com/us/contact/ I wish you all the best.

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