Tami LaTrell

Hello, I am a songwriter and I have an opportunity to write 4 songs for an indie artist who wants to pay for each song written. I am not with a publishing co. How do I go about obtaining the right verbiage to write up a singer/songwriter, agreement/contract between her and I before any work is started, or do I need to pay a lawyer to do this? Any info would be great! Thank You.

Tami LaTrell responded on 04/11/2015

Dawn thats great news, congrats! I would definitely pay an entertainment lawyer to write up a basic agreement to define the expectation, protect your works and publishing. Create your own publishing company for yourself by simply going to the dba office. I can share more details of how all this would work in a one on one consultation. You can book me here: http://tamilatrell.com/us/contact/ happy to help!

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