Tami LaTrell

Hi Tami thank you so much for having this forum just reading, other fans questions & your responses, has been so helpful. But I was wondering what is the best route to go to get a publishing deal?

Tami LaTrell responded on 04/12/2013

Hey Ashley, there isn't a way to "go get a pub deal" unless you have already had hit singles released or on the charts. 9 times out of 10 if you have this, a publisher would have contacted you by now. The best thing to do to increase the opportunities and likelihood of you getting a pub deal is to network and get around people who can introduce you to someone in the publishing business. You need people to hear your songs and hear the potential in your writing abilities. If you are not in a thriving city for songwriting, i would also consider moving to one. LA, ATL, NY, Nashville are some of the music hot spots where you can meet alot of great musicians, songwriters, producers and the execs that support them.

Keep me posted on your journey! Blessings,

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