Tami LaTrell

if an artist records a song that he didn't write, is there a royalty for this, so that the artist that actually rapped the song can get paid? what is it called?

Tami LaTrell responded on 02/27/2013

hello! Artists don't typically get writers publishing for albums or singles sold, only the creators of the song (writer & producer). However there is now a digital royalty for performing artists, songwriters and producers collected by a company called SoundExchange. They collect from satellite radio (such as SIRIUS XM), Internet radio (like Pandora/Spotify), cable TV music channels and similar platforms for streaming sound recordings, etc... Artists who don't write their own material get paid off of shows, endorsements, and after the record company has recouped all of its expenses, they will get a percentage of the sale of their album. That's why publishing is so valuable.

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